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Cheap Divorce in Houston TX

Posted July 21st, 2012 | by The Red Headed Lawyer

Things can get confusing very quickly when parties wade into the waters of divorce. People looking for a cheap divorce in Houston TX can unknowingly get sucked into a vortex of offers being advertised on TV and the internet. The offers that provide a do-it-yourself option can ultimately turn out to be a disaster because the information provided may not take into account the myriad of laws in the state of Texas. If a small detail is overlooked in the complexity of the divorce, the whole divorce decree can become skewed.

Instead of searching among the vast numbers of sites on the web and hoping to come up with something workable, why not go with a skilled lawyer who has a private practice that focuses specifically on family law. Divorce, child support and custody are all legal areas where Marivonne Essex has a proven track record of success for her clients. Not a newcomer to the legal system, she has completed more than 25 years of representing clients before the judges who hear divorce cases. When your future depends upon the decision passed down in court, do you want to trust your ability to correctly complete do-it-yourself forms? Wouldn’t it be much wiser to allow a professional to steer your case through the legal system?

Lawyer fees and court costs are usually the reasons that drive a person to choose an inadequate method of handling a divorce. Many people search for ways to get a cheap divorce in Houston TX because of the expense. Horror stories abound where an individual sought the aid of an attorney, only to find that the quoted fee was astronomical, and the case would not even be started until a huge retainer fee was deposited with the law firm.

This is one area that sets Marivonne Essex apart from other attorneys. She knows that money does not grow on trees, and people going through a divorce are not usually able to make a huge cash outlay. That’s why she offers a payment plan for her clients. Law firms use varying terms, that can be confusing, to describe their financial requirements. With Marivonne as your attorney, you will have a flat fee that is specifically geared to your case. No hidden surprises await. You will know what it costs from the start, and the payment plan will allow you to budget for the payments.

You may have felt that your only option is to attempt “going it alone” with an online divorce. If you choose to go that route, a few months or a few years down the road, chances are good that you might be wishing you had chosen someone with professional experience to help you. Now that you have found Marivonne Essex, there is no need to roll the dice and take a chance on your future.

For more than 25 years, her goal has been to give individuals like you an experienced, knowledgeable voice in the court system. You will not stand alone with do-it-yourself papers in front of a judge. Marivonne will stand with you and be your voice in a spot where she has stood many times before. Give her the opportunity to help secure your future.