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Divorce Lawyer Payment Plan

Did you know the Essex Law Firm has a payment plan available? Why is this a good thing? For many people, hiring a good lawyer is out of their budget because most lawyers charge a “retainer” up front and then an hourly rate. There are two problems with this system. First, the retainer is often substantial. Second, there is no way to know up front what the final cost of the litigation will be. After the retainer is paid and the case begins, the lawyer sends a statement each month detailing the work done on the case and deducting the fees from the retainer. When the retainer is depleted, the lawyer then asks for additional money. This goes on until the case is closed. One month the bill might be small; the next month substantial. There is no way to know in advance because it all depends upon the time the lawyer put into the case that month.

Here’s the Essex Law Firm way of handling fees. First, almost every case has a flat fee so you know up front what your case will cost. The flat fee structure is in stages so that you don’t get charged for a complicated case when yours is simple. Second, you pay a down payment consistent with how complicated your case is. For example, uncontested divorces have a much smaller down payment than a custody case or a complicated property case. Then, we arrange monthly payments for you on the balance. The payments are made through your bank account as an electronic funds transfer, or by credit or debit card. The payments are made each month on a designated day, set by you, and agreed upon by The Essex law Firm. There is a $2.50 transaction fee charge per payment, and there is no interest on the remaining balance. The payments continue until the balance has been paid in full.

We have been using this system for several years now. Our clients love it because they can fit legal fees into their budget. Also, they love the fact that any legal action required for the case is covered by the flat fee while they are in a particular stage. This means they can call their lawyer, email, have an office conference, speak to the staff, or take other actions on their case without being charged an hourly rate for those things. The client and lawyer can work together on the case as a team without the client feeling like he or she “cannot afford” to do the things necessary to get a successful outcome on the case.

At Essex Law Firm, we are all about teamwork, with the lawyer, client and staff working together to bring about what is best for the client. We are also all about making fair, affordable, good legal services available to everyone, not just the wealthy. The flat fee and payment plan help us achieve that goal. Let us help you with your legal matters in the same way.

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