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Houston Divorce Court

Posted October 1st, 2013 | by The Red Headed Lawyer

If you are in the process of getting a divorce in the Houston area, chances are, you will have to visit the Family Law Center or the Civil Courthouse in downtown Houston. The Family Law Center is located at 1115 Congress St. and the Civil Courthouse at 201 Caroline St.

Courts 246, 257, 308, 309, 311, and 312 are located in the Family Law Center.

Courts 245, 247, 280, and 310 are located in the Civil Courthouse.

Family Court Judges

Information on each of the family court judges can be found below:

You can also download a detailed chart on each of the Harris County Family Court Judges.

Location Map

With the map below can get an idea of where to park and how to navigate the complex. You can also download a copy of the Harris County Courthouse Map.

Number 6 on the map is the Family Law Center and number 11 is the Civil Courthouse.



B Building
P Parking Area
PG Parking Garage
_____ Tunnel

Map Key With Food Service Locations

Code Name Location Food Service
1 Harris County Jury Plaza (Jury Assembly Room) 1201 Congress St. Vending Machines
2 Administration Bldg. 1001 Preston St. Cafeteria in Basement
3 First and Fourteenth Courts of Appeals (Old Civil Courts) 301 Fannin St. *****
4 Quebedaux Park Corner Fannin St. & Congress St. *****
5 Juvenile Justice Center 1200 Congress St. Cafeteria in Basement
6 Family Law Center 1115 Congress St. Snack Bar in Basement
7 Criminal Justice Center 1201 Franklin St. Cafeteria on 2nd Floor
8 Parking Garage 1401 Congress St. *****
9 Old Fire Station Bldg. 1302 Preston St. *****
10 Records Center ( Old Central Jail ) 1301 Franklin St. *****
11 Civil Courthouse 201 Caroline St. Cafeteria In Basement