Originally from The Mongoose Newsletter by Attorney Greg Enos

Harris County Primary Results

70% of Republicans Smartly Refuse to Vote for Pratt in 311th GOP Race


On the Sunday before the primary, the Houston Chronicle ran an editorial entitled,”Beware of Slate Cards,” which stated in part:

As an example of how skewed they are, consider that several of the better-known slates endorse Denise Pratt, the incumbent judge for the 311th District Court who’s been mired in scandal for months. Never mind that she’s been reprimanded for “unreasonable” delays, that she’s been accused of backdating court documents and that’s she’s been rated “not qualified” by the Houston Bar Association. Never mind all that: She paid; she plays.

No More Amicus Appointments for Woodfill?

Jared Woodfill may not be so popular on the 7th floor as he lost his race to be reelected Chair of the Harris County Republican Party in a lop-sided loss to Paul Simpson 53% to 37%. Despite our big differences in politics and attitudes toward the proper role of amicus attorneys, I have come to like Jared and I am sorry personally for the dude losing.

District Clerk Daniel Lets Loose a Beat Down

Chris Daniel won his primary race for District Clerk big time 69% to 31% over Court Koenig.

Runoff Between Schmude and M.L. Walker

Results in the Republican primary for the 247th Family District Court to replace Bonnie Hellums were:


I have given M.L. Walker a hard time lately but let me say two things about this race: (1) Walker is a darn good Associate Judge and we all know that, and (2) John Schmude needs to do more to renounce Dr. Hotze for the racist and ugly e-mail Hotze sent out about Walker and Melanie flowers. Click here to read a blog by a Republican who was disgusted by the e-mail. Hotze needs to stop worrying so much about sodomites and reconsider what it means to be live a life that is truly Christ-like.

Charley Prine Coasts to Victory

Charley Prine beat Angelina Gooden 78% to 22% in the race for the GOP nomination to replace Judge Jim York in the 246th District Court.

Peake Defeats Maldonado in Democratic Primary

In the Democratic race to see who gets to take on Judge Prine, Sandra Peake defeated Julia Maldonado 51.07% to 48.93%.

Jim Evans Beats Bruce Steffler for Chance to Take on Judge Lombardino

Democrats chose Jim Evans 67% to 33% over Bruce Steffler. Evans will now square off against Judge James Lombardino in November.

Stalder Defeats Pottinger in Democratic 280th Race

Barbara Stalder beat Allecia Pottinger 61% to 39% in the Democratic primary to run for the 280th District Court (the “Protective Order Factory”).

Unopposed Judges Win!

Judges Farr, Moore, Millard, and Warne won their primaries without opposition and we already know they will win in November because no Democrats filed against them. Judge Dean and Lombardino were not opposed in the GOP primary but face Democrats in November. These folks won the Democratic nominations for family district courts without opposition: Kathy Vossler for 309th, Sherri Cothrun for 311th, and Chip Wells for the 247th.

I do not expect to win every case. I just want an efficient system in which my client gets a fair hearing before a judge who works hard, knows the law, and does not play favorites. I also expect judges to appoint qualified amicus attorneys who zealously look after children (and actually visit the kids in their homes). Is that asking too much? Stay tuned.

Greg Enos

The Enos Law Firm