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There are many divorce lawyers in The Woodlands, TX, but how do you know which one to choose? Here are some things to consider:


Don’t be afraid to ask the divorce lawyer about their credentials and background history. You want to make sure you are not trusting yourself and your family to someone who is inexperienced and naive about the way things work. Ask where they went to college, how long have they been in practice, and how long have they have been in practice in the state of Texas. Be sure to ask for a list of references, and they should be more than happy to provide it.

Stays Current With The Times

The laws in the state of Texas change constantly, and you need to know how and why they affect you. If you use someone who’s inexperienced, you may fall into a trap of not receiving the right benefits or you may be find yourself later in a place you regret. Having a family lawyer who knows the playing field, backwards and forwards, can really make a difference.

Makes No Frivolous Promises

No divorce lawyer should make you frivolous promises, but all should be candid with you, giving you a reasonable expectation of outcomes. If the divorce lawyer knows something is beyond reach or out of the question, then they should tell you that up front. You want your attorney to be truthful, reliable, and honest, even if that means telling you no.

Is A Redhead

Redheads are known for being stubborn and tenacious, so why not have one on your side?