Contrary to popular belief, when men go through divorces, they experience many of the same devastating emotions that women do. Some of these emotions can include anger, contempt, sadness, shame, or frustration.

Aside from the emotional pain of a divorce, men often feel concerned about what will happen to their assets as a result of the impending divorce. Naturally, a man who has worked hard to carve out a comfortable life for the family will want to protect what he has earned.

While going through a divorce, many men believe that the best lawyer for their case is an aggressive lawyer who will handle the case with a ferocious approach. However, sometimes having an attorney who is subtle and comes off as compassionate can make all the difference in the outcome of a divorce case.

So is it better for a male attorney to be represented by a tenacious male attorney, or a stern but likable female attorney?

Truthfully speaking, the gender of your attorney doesn’t matter nearly as much as his or her ability to provide you with quality legal representation and his or her ability to gain your trust. No matter what your attorney’s gender is, if he or she is unable to adequately perform the job, or if you do not trust the attorney, you will more than likely find yourself unsatisfied with the outcome of your divorce.

Most importantly, individuals should understand there is no substitute for a qualified family law attorney, who will work tirelessly to ensure that your side of the story is presented in a way that will give you the best chance of getting your desired outcome.