When a marriage relationship becomes a constant battleground that can not be quelled, unfortunately, it may end in divorce. The issues that come into play with the dissolution of a marriage partnership are varied and numerous. Depending on the individual circumstances, both partners can find themselves facing decisions about real estate, children, finances and other assets. At the time these decisions need to be made, frequently the two parties find that their emotions are running high, and anger may be surfacing.

Individuals who are facing a divorce in the state of Texas will be dealing with a number of issues for which they may or may not be prepared. Even in the most basic divorce, if there is such a thing, numerous documents and deadlines come into play. Dockets must be set, hearings must be attended, and paperwork must be filed on time. Some people try to swim the stream of the court system without the aid and assistance of a knowledgeable attorney. Equipped with only a set of papers generated by a computer, these individuals may very well find themselves stranded in the system with no idea how to proceed.

Marivonne Essex has experience in the Texas legal system with almost every kind of divorce situation that can arise. As a licensed attorney since 1985, she has chosen to focus on family law. Known as “The Red Headed Lawyer,” she is considered by many to be the best divorce lawyer in Houston.

Because children are such an important part of the marriage relationship, their needs and care for the future should be paramount in divorce situations. Marivonne can help see that children receive proper provisions for the future so that they are able to carry on a productive and enjoyable childhood even though their parents are not together any longer. While the process of divorce can be one of the most emotionally turbulent experiences that a family can go through, with the help of experienced legal counsel like Marivonne’s, the impact can be lessened tremendously.