Divorce is the end of a relationship but it is not the end of the world. After a divorce, it is important to reach out and reintegrate yourself into the social world so that you improve your self-esteem and connect with people whose support and friendship will help to restore your sense of wholeness again.

Divorce is often a time in life when you reassess your life and the things that you have done. It is a time to start new hobbies, sports, activities, volunteering, and maybe even a new job. Think about the things that you like doing and would like to do. When doing something that you really enjoy, you will meet others of a similar mind and some of these people will become your friends.

You could also join a divorce support group. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how some of your experiences relate to those of other people. You can develop a sense of solidarity by listening to others express their emotions and experiences. Being surrounded by people who share your experiences will help you shake off the feeling of being alone. Discussing these issues in a pressure-free environment can help you to rebuild your social life through a sense of shared strength, and an increased sense of self-worth.

Avoid the temptation to feel sorry for yourself. What you have gone through is emotionally stressful, and it is natural and healthy to grieve. While grieving is important to go through, it can’t last forever. Sitting at home feeling down all the time will not improve your life and won’t result in a rebuilt social life. It is important to recognize your own self-worth no matter what you have gone through. Be confident, rebuild your life in small steps, and understand that the most effective rebuilding occurs when you reach out to others.