After the divorce process has been completed, many people often feel relieved.  But there’s still work to be done. There are a few very important things you should do after you’ve received your divorce decree, in order to prevent any inconveniences in the future.

The first thing you should do is thoroughly read the divorce decree. Often times, people make the mistake of assuming they know what’s in the decree, so there’s no need to read it. You want to reread your copy of the divorce decree to ensure that it contains no mistakes. If, when reading the decree, you see any typos or other mistakes, immediately notify your divorce lawyer so that he or she can have them corrected.

The next thing you should do is to follow through on your obligations. After reading your divorce decree, you’ll have a list of tasks you need to complete. For example, the divorce decree may require you to remove your spouse’s name from your home loan by either selling your home or refinancing your mortgage. Making a list is a good idea because it will help you avoid being in violation of your divorce agreement simply because you forgot to do something.

Updating some important documents is also a must. After a divorce, your ex spouse’s name is probably still listed on many legal and financial documents, including some you may not see on a regular basis. Your legal name and address may have also changed. Therefore, you should update documents such as, your will, power of attorney, life insurance polices, emergency contact information that is on file with an employer, checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit card accounts.

Lastly, you should take some time to reconnect with family and friends. A divorce is a major life-changing event. It is stressful and disruptive to your regular routine. Take some time to yourself, meet new friends, join a gym, or even take a vacation. If you have children, remember that their lives have also been shaken up. Spend extra time with them to provide reassurance that everything is OK. Younger children in particular may have trouble coming to terms with the divorce, so pay attention to what they’re saying and what’s left unsaid. Consider talking to a family therapist if you think your children are having a difficult time adjusting.