Looking for Spring Texas Divorce Lawyers? Marivonne Essex and the Essex Law Firm are your go to source for all family law issues including divorce, child custody and child support as well as wills and probate.

Why does Marivonne stand out?

  • She makes it personal. Clients and their families are important to her. She has maintained some client relationships for the entire span of her 29-year career.
  • She keeps things simple. Her goal is to avoid protracted litigation and to secure the best settlement/decision in the shortest, realistic time frame.
  • She makes it easy. How? By maintaining close communication and using new technology, the Essex Law firm keeps your information, files, and appointments at your fingertips. This keeps you in the know and reduces administrative fees.

So, if you are looking for Spring Texas Divorce Lawyers, you need look no further for professional, personal, and affordable representation. Watch her YouTube video to meet Marivonne and then give her a call at 281-350-4104.