I mean, besides the obvious reason (that I am a redhead), why promote my hair color to prospective clients? Is it just a marketing gimmick – an easy way for people to remember my website when they are seeking or recommending legal services? One can’t deny that “redheadedlawyer.com” is much easier to remember than “howelldonnerandblitzenllc.com.”

First of all, I don’t do gimmicks. When someone comes to me with a legal concern, it is serious business. At that point, what I am hearing is that all other traditional means of working out an issue have failed, and legal action is being entered into reluctantly, as a last resort. So this is no time for joking around. However, I (and everyone at the Essex Law Firm) do want to help people, and the website URL is distinctive. It makes us easier to remember and get in contact with so we can help.

But that’s not the only reason for “redheadedlawyer.com.”

Years ago my mother told me that I was one in a million. At the time, I thought she was just being a good mom, but later I learned that biologically speaking, she was onto something. According to the National Institutes of Health, around 1.6 percent of the global population has red hair (about one of every 64 people.) At the risk of getting too “Big Bang Theory,” red hair is the result of the recessive gene known as MC1R located on chromosome 16. Both parents must possess this gene for any shot at redheaded offspring, and even then, there is only a 25% chance that each child will be a carrot top. As a result, families can go generations before even knowing anyone carries these genes.

So how does my hair color help you in a legal situation? Believe it or not, it helps in many surprising ways.

Heightened Sensory Powers

Studies suggest that redheads are able to detect changes in their environment much better than others, such as subtle variations in temperature and humidity. They also have a higher pain threshold, but at the same time, require more anesthetic to knock them out during surgery. These unique characteristics may help in negotiations when opposing counsel becomes uncomfortable or otherwise exhibits a change in behavior. Maybe redheads have built-in lie detectors – not a bad quality when negotiations get heated. And perhaps the higher pain threshold guarantees a level of performance that will be maintained during illness or injury. As an attorney, you can’t afford to have an off day.

Produce Vitamin D

Redheads have lighter skin pigment, and as such, have to be careful about sunlight. To compensate, their bodies produce their own vitamin D. In addition to being important for physical health, this vitamin is also important for regulating mood. If you want your lawyer to be cool, calm, and collected, find a redhead!

Most are Left Handed

This is interesting because it addresses that old tale about redheads having a hot temper. While there isn’t any scientific evidence to prove that true, history does show something similar for lefties. In peaceful societies, data show that on average, about 3% of the population is left handed. The figure jumps to 27% in war-like societies. For some reason, lefties are more successful in battle. Believe me, everyone at my firm will go to battle for you. Possibly, this is a reflection of their enhanced environmental sensitivity and ability to self-regulate mood, but I believe it all adds up to an advantage for clients of the Essex Law Firm.

What do Alexander the Great, Winston Churchill and Thomas Jefferson have in common? They were all redheads who got down to business and won. We will do the same for you here at the Essex Law Firm.