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Divorce isn’t easy. Typically, it’s a long, emotional and drawn out time in your life that you never imagined would be a part of your story.

While we all agree that getting a divorce isn’t easy – there are several ways that we can make the divorce process easier.

Communicate with your Ex

Sounds crazy, right? But having an open line of communication with your ex can allow you to have an easier divorce. Whether the communication is done via email, phone or through your lawyer, it will help in several ways:

  • Saves you money
  • Keeps the divorce moving forward
  • Maintains your integrity

While every situation is unique, I recommend that you set boundaries when it comes to communicating with your ex during the divorce; I would never want anyone in a situation that they don’t need to be in. With certain divorces, some couples shouldn’t communicate except through a lawyer. For example, DO NOT use this advice if you feel that your spouse is so controlling, you could possibly enter into an agreement that you don’t really want.

Plan ahead for child custody

If children are part of the divorce, try to plan ahead on what makes the most sense for your family while keeping your children’s best interests in your mind. Think about schedules and schooling in order to arrange the best custody agreement for them. Having a jointly agreed upon idea will help move the custody portion along while keeping things easy for you. Remember, children psychologically see themselves as one-half of each parent. Parents who work together to maintain this whole for their children will see healthier, happier children who will transition much more easily through the divorce process.

Let it go

Assets, relationships and your old life are things of the past. Being able to emotionally let all of these things go will save you time and energy throughout the divorce process. It’s difficult to split the house, cars, and debt that have accumulated over the years, but it is part of the entire process.

Prepare yourself to detach from people and things, prior to the divorce becoming final, so you can move on quicker.

Hire a divorce lawyer

Having someone that you can trust, that supports your best interests, gives you a peace about the entire process. Divorce lawyers know the ins and outs of what you’re going through and are there to help you.

A divorce lawyer understands the process and can handle the courts of law much better than if you were to represent yourself. More than any other time, this is the time that you need an advocate, somebody who knows the law and at the same time is looking out for your best interest. Some of the biggest legal disasters are do-it-yourself divorces which basically have to be redone later, costing more in both time, money and stress. Save the DIY for home projects.

Take time for yourself

One of the most important things to remember during your divorce is to take time for yourself. I tell my clients to do whatever it takes to relax. Plan a weekend getaway or a spa weekend, to keep your mind off of the divorce.

Making the divorce process easier will not only speed things up, but it will give you a peace during one of the most unsettling moments in your life.