When searching for a lawyer and looking online at Houston divorce attorney reviews, keep important criteria in mind. These may include:


When hiring a family law attorney, see how many years of experience they have in family law. If they only have a few, then they may not have all the right knowledge to make proper decisions concerning your divorce. You want to feel comfortable with your Houston divorce attorney, and you want to make sure nothing negative will come back later on down the road.


Make sure the divorce attorney you review has a thorough education from a reputable college and/or higher learning institution. You can review every attorney in the state of Texas at www.texasbar.com and see their bar card number, Texas license date, law school education, and public disciplinary history. Review Marivonne Essex at the State Bar of Texas


Not every attorney can win every case, and not every case can be won, but you want to make sure your attorney is going to do what is best for you and your family, despite all odds. If you are reviewing an attorney and they say yes to everything, promising you the sun and the moon, you should walk away. If an attorney is straight forward with you on every detail, and even may say “your case has a slim chance”, then you know they are being honest with you and are not steering you in the wrong direction. Honest feedback can save you a lot of headache (and money) later on down the road.