The number one complaint to State Bar Associations involves insufficient attorney-client communication. Often, clients become exasperated:

  • I can’t get my attorney on the phone.
  • I don’t know what’s going on.
  • I don’t know when/if things are happening.
  • I can never get a quick answer.
  • NO ONE gets back to me!

At the root of all this is the way most firms have to deal with paperwork—files, documents, time and expense tracking, etc. These items are usually stored in different places and are often managed by different people. Marivonne Essex and her firm knew they could save time and effort if they could find a way to centrally locate all of their client information. Their solution? MyCase is web-based legal practice management software that makes it possible to streamline both information and communication for both the firm and you.

How it works…MyCase permits all client information—from the initial case file to each petition/letter to the court—to be uploaded into one secure place in their cloud-based database. It also accepts and helps sort notes and comments, manages appointments and schedules, manages all personal contact information, facilitates messaging/notifications and can even manage billing.

Sounds great for the firm, but what does it mean for you? It means that when you need information, no one has to pull your case file from a file drawer; no one has to find the latest petition and then check for filing details; no one has to go find the billing records to see what you’ve paid or find the schedule to see the date of your next appointment. With MyCase, it’s like the old Ragu ads; it’s in there. Everything about you and your case is in your private MyCase database folder and all of that is at the fingertips of everyone in the firm. On top of all of that, it’s accessible from anywhere there is internet capability.

Only have time for an email or a message? With MyCase, if you leave a message or send an email, everyone in the firm is notified. So if you need information and your attorney is not available, all of the attorneys and support staff can access your information and respond. And through MyCase, all responses are private and more secure than standard email. There’s more. MyCase follows up to let everyone in the firm know whether or not you have been answered. Couple that with the Essex promise to return all requests for information or contact within 24 hours and now you’ve really got something that works.

It gets better…MyCase also allows Essex to share new information with you by posting secure comments and messages or sending alerts of case developments using Facebook-style notifications. But communication works both ways and the Essex firm wants you to keep them informed as well. So once you set up your personal, secure MyCase login and password, everything mentioned above, including all court related documents and filing details, is available to you 24/7. You can read through all of your petitions and documents at your own pace and insert any comments or questions you have for the firm as you go. And, to share new information or updates to your personal information, you can easily send messages or comments blog style.

The Essex firm’s investment in MyCase is a win-win for everyone. Information is streamlined, centrally located, secure, and available to everyone in the firm and you 24/7. Add the messaging and notification capabilities and communication issues disappear. All of this means fewer calls and less discussions and that can translate into less billable hours. So now Essex not only can help you with all your family law issues, it can save you time, energy, frustration, and money while doing so.